Sequim Horse Ranch Sold

This Sequim horse ranch was on the market for a couple of years before it sold, and during that time, it had a few lookers, but no serious buyers.  Suddenly, buyers who wanted a 10-acre horse property started showing up in Sequim from around the country, and this property became very popular.  As they say, “Timing is everything,” and “When it rains, it pours.”

Sequim Horse Ranch

This is a beautiful 10 acre parcel in the mountains and it’s adjacent to thousands of acres of DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) with horse trails all over the mountains.  The house is a 1970s house, but it was remodeled extensively and is in perfect condition.  The 10 acres was actually subdivided, which meant that the second five acres could be built on and sold separately.

Sequim Horse Property

In this case, the buyers had parents who wanted to build a home on the second five acres.  With horses for their children, this was the perfect property for this family.  The home sold for $345,000, a bargain by any standard and in any market.

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